Gambling Charities USA

Gambling Charities USA

There are many organisations set up in the US to help protect vulnerable, underage and problem gamblers and their families. We take a look at just a few to see what their organizational goals are and how they can provide help to people.

National Council on Problem Gambling

The objective of the NCPG is to increase public awareness of problem and compulsive gambling. They provide support and services to treat problem gamblers and work on community outreach to aid prevention and supply education about gambling. Reducing stigma around problem gambling is also a key facet this organization supports.

The National Council doesn’t take sides when it comes to legalized gambling, it seeks to educate, protect and support.

Founded in 1972 the organization already laid down the foundation rules it would adhere to even today; it would be a voice for problem gamblers and their families and that it would take no stance for or against legalized gambling. or call 1800 522 4700 to learn more or to reach out to someone who can help.

It is possible to join NCPG as a member and make donations to help their mission. They also offer training and certification to members and counselors.

New Mexico Council on Problem Gambling

The NMCPG is dedicated to increasing public awareness about compulsive gambling in a culturally sensitive manner. It places a strong emphasis on problem gambling treatment and prevention programmes for gamblers and their families.

The was founded in 1998 by Kandace S.Blanchard. She was an advocate of research, support and education on gambling disorders before founding the council. The organization is the state representative for the National Council on Problem Gambling. If you wish to contact the New Mexico Council on Problem Gambling you can email them at

Oregon Council on Problem Gambling

The OCPG’s mission is to support efforts to minimize gambling related harm, and thus promoting the health of Oregon’s residents. As an organization it is affiliated to the National Council on Problem Gambling.  One of its guiding principals is that as the state enables gambling as a source of revenue, it must therefore have a duty of care to protect Oregonians. More specifically, protect them from the impact of gambling related harm. Thus any action made by the state that would increase access to gambling, promote gambling to a wider and potentially more vulnerable audience must be closely monitored. Any action taken must consider and act upon these elements to apply measures that would limit potential harm.  They plan to do so by working in close collaboration with gamblers and their families. Also with gaming operators, industry experts and researchers. Plus state treatment and harm reduction services. 

The examples above only refer to two states, but provides an example of the kinds of support available nationwide. There are also many smaller support groups, or meetings such as gamblers anonymous.  The NCPG is a good place to start if you think you or someone you know needs help. They can provide information about local support in your area too.